The IAN (Inclusive Arts Network) believes that the artistic aspirations and achievements of people with disability are an important and valued part of our community. ‘Music and Arts are a very important part of my life now and are things I want to be a part of my life in the future also. The arts is something I use to process events in my life and to express my feelings that sometimes words can’t express. It’s important to me to have a creative outlet that I can put my energy into. I like to use arts as a way to educate people on the real issues’. Jamie Halliday



    The Purpose of this Network is to:


    • Provide a listing of available ‘arts and cultural’ based programs for people with disability and their supporters. (via website)
    • Enable artists to promote their work, by having a presence online that can be used to direct audience to their work and themselves, building a greater potential for connection and participation in community and employment. (via website)
    • Encourage and nurture a greater communication between disability and art’s providers. Ensuring all information about arts and cultural activity in our region is available in one location. (via website)
    • Provide a practical forum to raise and advance avenues for people with disability to participate fully in the broader arts and cultural sector. (via website and network meetings)
    • Identify and develop strategies that address barriers to participation in the arts. (via network meetings)
    • Foster an integrated and collaborative approach to the implementation of a range of initiatives in response to issues identified by the group. (via network meetings)
    • Promote an inclusive arts culture.
    • Create and identify opportunities within the network to demonstrate leadership for change in social attitudes towards people with disability and their participation in the arts.
    • To advocate with and on behalf of the cultural needs of the community.

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